Future Projects

Our view of the future for our members and church

Future project for the Church to undertake.

It is our vision to:

  1. Provide shelter and clothing for the street children who roam the streets without parental care and provide them with decent life in order to reduce crime.
  2. Provide educational funding for the underprivileged children, in the interim and in future, build a school to cater for that need.
  3. Help people overcome social or economic barrier by giving technical skills to enable them establish their own “small scale” businesses or be gainfully employed.
  4. Establish a “food bank” to cater for the needs of the Rural needy and the destitute.
  5. Provide good drinking water by digging wells for the Rural folks, especially those faced with “River-blindness”. To facilitate this project, we deep water drilling machine and we will purchase it as the lord provide the funds.
  6. Provide the health needs of the “cannot-afford” families and their children in the Rural areas. We can do that by operating a mobile clinic with volunteer Medical Doctors who wish to evangelize through their profession.
  7. Provide Rehabilitation Centers for detoxification of drug addicts.
  8. Create a place for those “who have” to bring what they no longer need, for those who badly need them.